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    Introducing our seasoned travel team. Each of them has over 25 years of luxury travel experience and exceptional worldwide expertise, and are always on hand to set the stage for exceptional adventures with EDEN.

    Harnessing their wealth of knowledge and global relationships, our experts offer an unrivalled level of personalised service, meticulously crafting bespoke journeys that transform ordinary holidays into truly extraordinary experiences.


    Louise Furniss

    Head of Travel

    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    My passion for travel and insatiable curiosity about the world around me took root during childhood, nurtured by epic summer road trips with my parents. From the UK, we’d pack up the car and embark on extraordinary journeys to Spain, returning through the charming towns of France. These formative experiences instilled in me an unquenchable thirst for exploration and discovery.

    For the past three decades, I’ve been blessed to pursue a vocation that I truly love. I consider myself not merely a tourist, but a traveller in the truest sense – one who is passionate about digging deep into local cultures. This philosophy guides how I plan trips for my clients, ensuring they experience the hidden gems of each destination, from secluded beaches to must-visit local eateries and vibrant cultural hotspots often missed by tourists.

    Over time, my approach to travel has evolved. While I still cherish the opportunity to unwind on the pristine beaches of the Maldives or Barbados, it is the thrill of the undiscovered that now captivates me most. I’ve trekked to witness the breathtaking dawn unveil over Machu Picchu; come face-to-face with majestic elephants on remote safaris in Botswana; and felt the exhilarating freedom of riding side-saddle across the vast, open plains of Montana. Each of these adventures has only deepened my love for exploration and discovery, and fuelled my desire to uncover even more of the world’s marvels.

    My travel bucket list remains extensive, and I have made it my personal mission to explore a new country every year. There is no greater joy than leveraging my extensive knowledge and my passion for travel to curate truly unforgettable experiences for my clients and I strive to ensure they enjoy the same incredible, life-shaping journeys that have so profoundly impacted my own life.


    Helen Kay


    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    My love affair with luxury travel was ignited over 25 years ago when I found my passion for arranging exquisite villa experiences across the enchanting Caribbean islands and the timeless elegance of Europe. These magical destinations became my training ground, where I honed the intricate art of crafting multi-generational adventures for those seeking nothing but the best.

    Since then, I have personally explored nearly all of our featured destinations across the globe, gaining priceless first-hand knowledge to share with my clients. From the electrifying energy of Los Angeles to the awe-inspiring serenity of California’s redwoods, the beauty of Cambodia and Vietnam, and as far south as Tasmania – my travels have been a real journey of discovery.

    South Africa has held a special place in my heart since childhood when I first fell in love with its world of wonders during family visits. A recent trip reignited my deep passion for this diverse and breathtakingly beautiful nation. Nothing brings me more joy than intricately creating detailed itineraries that combine thrilling safaris with delightful wine tours and enriching cultural experiences to ensure every moment is an unforgettable adventure for your entire family.

    While I revel in the thrills of destinations like South Africa, I find equal delight in blissful beach escapes. The Caribbean, especially my beloved Barbados and Antigua, charms with its warm-hearted people and irresistible rum punches. The Maldives also never fails to enchant, with its showstopping resorts, exquisite service and dreamlike beaches.

    From the initial planning stages to your arrival back home, and regardless of whether your dream trip is an intimate European villa retreat, an exciting South African family safari adventure, or a blissful beach escape in the Caribbean or Maldives, my passion holds firm in creating personalised adventures that always exceed my clients’ expectations, resulting in memories they cherish for years to come.


    Nicky Edwards

    Travel Director

    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    Travel has been an integral part of my life since I was a child when family trips transported me to captivating destinations, from the enchanting streets of France and Spain to the vibrant cultures of Hong Kong and Bali. Every aspect of travel enchanted me – the excitement of the airport, diving headfirst into new cultures, the breathtaking landscapes, and of course, the glorious sunshine.

    Do you remember the TV show “Wish You Were Here”? The host, Judith Chalmers, became my idol. I aspired to follow in her footsteps and become a travel documentarian, sharing the world’s wonders with others.

    This dream propelled me into the travel industry immediately after university. I secured my first position as an overseas representative, where I honed my skills on the frontlines crafting unforgettable experiences for clients. When it was time to return to the UK, there was no doubt in my mind – travel was my true calling.

    Throughout my career, the most gratifying aspect has been cultivating relationships with clients. It’s an honour to understand their unique personalities, travel preferences and aspirations. Whether it’s designing a multi-centre adventure through Africa’s awe-inspiring landscapes or a romantic weekend getaway in Italy, I find immense joy in curating the perfect holiday – one that creates cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

    Travel has not only enriched me professionally but also personally. The opportunity to explore destinations like India and Japan first-hand has greatly broadened my horizons and deepened my understanding of the world.

    So, if you’re dreaming of getting away sometime soon, whether it’s close to home or in a far-flung corner of the globe, I’m here to transform your travel aspirations into reality. Let me be your guide, your travel confidante and, together, we’ll craft an adventure that will leave you wishing you were there – and longing to stay forever.


    Tara Lloyd


    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    The travel bug bit me early when, at just eight years old, I set-off on a month-long adventure to Australia with my mum: an experience that ignited a life-long passion for travel that surpassed even the excitement of European campervan trips during my teenage years.

    Europe was undeniably fun, with its endless array of destinations, friendly locals and delectable cuisine. However, Australia truly captured my heart. At 19, I set off for a short visit, but 11 years later, I found myself still there, having fallen in love with the country’s breathtaking landscapes and warm, welcoming people. During that time, not only did I travel extensively throughout Australia, I also spent a year discovering the beauty of New Zealand.

    Since then, my own travels have been incredibly enriching, filled with unforgettable moments like trekking through Rwanda to encounter chimpanzees and gorillas, and diving into the vibrant coral reefs of the South Pacific and Solomon Islands.

    But the real joy comes from crafting unforgettable experiences for others and seeing the profound impact travel can have on their lives. Recently, I had the pleasure of arranging a special 70th birthday trip to Peru for a client. Hearing their excitement as they embarked on their journey, knowing they would witness incredible sights, immerse themselves in a fascinating culture, and create lasting memories with their loved ones, was incredibly rewarding.

    Building relationships with clients is a special privilege in this industry. I’ve helped plan family holidays that have transitioned into honeymoons and then back to family holidays with their own children. It feels like I’ve been a part of their journey, sharing in their milestones and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Knowing that I’ve played a role in bringing joy, adventure and unforgettable experiences into their lives is a source of immense pride and satisfaction.


    Victoria Purves


    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    Luxury travel captivated my spirit from an early age, with childhood adventures in Sardinia and family getaways in Barbados igniting a burning curiosity to explore the world, far beyond the conventional tourist paths. While coordinating flights and booking accommodations are certainly part of the process, that’s arguably the most straightforward aspect of my role. The real artistry lies in envisioning and flawlessly executing those unique enhancements and exclusive touches that transform an already incredible journey into an unparalleled, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    A prime example was the delightful afternoon tea experience along the majestic Great Wall of China I carefully curated for a valued client. Through meticulous planning and collaboration, we secured the coveted permits, arranged discreet private transportation, and thoughtfully selected a menu of premium teas and decadent pastries. Each detail was chosen with utmost intention to create lasting memories.

    For me, true indulgence is creating an itinerary where every aspect has been meticulously elevated and personalised. It’s transforming my client’s journey into something not just luxurious, but extraordinary: a profoundly enriching experience they simply couldn’t have crafted on their own. That’s the highest form of luxury travel.

    I feel fortunate to have experienced the world through the perspective of luxury travel. From the energy of Brazil to the natural beauty of Costa Rica, my journey has spanned diverse destinations. I’ve explored iconic spots across Europe, the cultures of India, the allures of Southeast Asia, and even found serenity on private islands in the South Pacific.

    The best part of my job is hearing clients’ stories when they return home. Their ordinary holidays become memorable adventures filled with personal growth, new connections and fresh perspectives. These stories serve as a reminder of the importance of my work and inspire me to keep creating exceptional travel experiences.


    Jo Gallimore


    01565 656000
    [email protected]

    From my earliest days, the allure of distant lands whispered promises of adventure. Inspired by the polished uniform of my cousin, an air hostess, a world of exotic destinations danced in my young imagination. That childhood yearning blossomed into a fulfilling career, where I now arrange unforgettable journeys for discerning travellers seeking the pinnacle of experiences.

    For me, travel is more than just a profession; it’s a lifelong passion that fuels my expertise. Every trip I take strengthens my understanding of immersive travel and its power to transform.

    Europe became my cherished playground. Sun-drenched excursions in Italy and France revealed hidden gems like the charming villages of Èze and Ramatuelle, where time seemed to dissolve as we watched sleek yachts bobbing on the sparkling Mediterranean. But building memories wasn’t limited to far-flung continents. The enchanting worlds of Disneyland Paris and Disney World brought wonder to my children’s eyes, particularly the fantastical realm of Harry Potter.

    My wanderlust continued unabated. In Boulder, Colorado, I cast my line in pristine waters during incredible fly-fishing escapades. Hiking through the breathtaking vistas of Rattlesnake Gulch, tubing on Boulder Creek, and visiting renowned microbreweries allowed me to delve into the heart of the local culture.

    Recently, I had the distinct privilege of crafting a bucket-list journey to Australia and New Zealand for a client – an epic journey inspired by The Lord of the Rings that brought their dreams to life. Witnessing their sheer delight upon returning was the most gratifying reward, a constant reminder of the magic I create and why I love what I do.

    Luxury travel is a boundless canvas, where I meticulously curate bespoke holidays that span the globe. While each carefully crafted itinerary ignites my own sense of wanderlust, the true joy lies in exceeding my clients’ expectations and igniting their sense of wonder.


    Sally Stileman

    Travel Director

    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    My journey in the luxury travel realm began 25 years ago, with a focus on the Caribbean for the first 10 years. It’s a region that has captured my heart with its vibrant culture, delicious cuisine and stunning beaches. The Caribbean offers a wide range of experiences and remains my favourite part of the world, thanks to its warm people and a natural beauty that never fails to take my breath away.

    Over the past 15 years, I’ve expanded my expertise to include the Indian Ocean, Arabia and parts of Europe, especially its beautiful beach destinations. Greece and its picturesque islands have become a real favourite, with their white-washed villages, crystal-clear waters and rich ancient history. Italy and Spain have also won me over with their incredible food and stunning coastlines – though the Caribbean will always hold a special place in my heart.

    One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is the chance to connect with clients on a personal level. I enjoy getting to know their unique preferences, dreams and travel styles, as this allows me to create customised travel experiences that exceed their expectations.

    Looking ahead, I’m excited to explore the East and its wonders, with destinations like Thailand high on my agenda to further enhance my knowledge. The opportunity to immerse myself in new cultures, uncover hidden gems and build relationships with local communities fills me with anticipation.

    Whether it’s the tranquil beaches of the Caribbean, the exotic charm of the Indian Ocean, or the rich culture of European destinations, I find great joy in helping my clients discover the world, enhanced by the personalised touches that turn a holiday into an unforgettable journey they’ll treasure for years to come.


    Lizzie Seabridge


    01565 656000
    [email protected]

    Travel has always been more than just a hobby for me; it’s been a constant source of inspiration since growing up, when sunny visits to my grandparents in Andalusia and a shoe-string budget train journey across Europe during my teenage years sparked my love for exploration.

    Though the details of that transformative trip may have faded over time, its impact remains undeniable. It marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey that has allowed me to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of polar bears in Canada, shake hands with the President of the United States in Chicago, and even tie the knot amidst the excitement of Las Vegas!

    I take great pleasure in designing the more intricate travel itineraries. Whether it’s coordinating flights, train rides, boat trips, or even arranging unconventional modes of transportation like horse-and-buggy rides for adventurous clients exploring Asia, I relish every opportunity to create an unforgettable tapestry of experiences.

    My favourite creation to date? A three-month odyssey across New Zealand – an adventure that was as rewarding for me as it was for my clients. This journey encompassed the stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and hidden gems of both the North and South Islands; where each day brought new surprises and unforgettable memories, reinforcing my belief in the profound impact that travel can have on our lives.

    By sharing my first-hand destination knowledge and leveraging my local connections, I strive to provide my clients with immersive experiences that resonate deeply, blending authenticity with moments of wonder and crafting cherished travel memories that will endure for years to come.


    Debbie Gillam


    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    With a 45 years’ travel industry experience under my belt, including fourteen years dedicated to EDEN, I’ve cultivated an exceptional ability to craft remarkable journeys tailored to each of my clients’ needs; and I love that the ever-evolving world of travel always ensures there’s something novel to discover, fuelling my insatiable thirst for knowledge.

    My favourite holiday destination is undoubtedly the Caribbean, where I first cut my teeth and developed my experience. The diversity across the islands captivates me – from the sophistication and elegance of Barbados to the blissfully laid-back vibe that permeates The Grenadines. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Barbados twice aboard the legendary Concorde and, on one of those supersonic flights, I had the incredible privilege of sitting in the jump seat during take-off and while cruising at supersonic speeds – a memory forever etched into my mind.

    In stark contrast to the Caribbean warmth, I also have a deep appreciation for the majestic Alps. While I may not be an expert skier by any means, there’s something invigorating and soul-refreshing about the crisp mountain air and atmospheric alpine ambiance – the perfect restorative escape to recharge.

    Additionally, New York City has lured me back numerous times. The palpable energy hits you the moment you step onto the sidewalks; its dynamic, never-sleeping atmosphere, boundless vibrancy and endless possibilities ensures it remains a must-visit destination time and again.

    All of these destinations offer their own unique charms. And I gain tremendous fulfilment from helping my clients discover the distinctive appeals of these places, as well as myriad other parts of the globe just waiting to be explored.


    Caroline Egerton


    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    Even from a young age, travel has coursed through my veins. In the 1990s, the thought of working as cabin crew and seeing the world felt incredibly glamorous. Getting to experience different cultures and destinations through that vantage point seemed like an amazing opportunity, while also allowing me to live abroad.

    When a position opened up with the renowned Emirates Airlines to care for their elite first-class passengers, I leapt at the chance. Those years exposed me to a level of luxury and impeccable service that sparked my passion for the finer things travel can offer.

    Upon returning to the UK, I knew the travel industry was where I belonged. After experiencing the incredible opulence of Dubai firsthand, I realised luxury travel was my true calling. With an innate ability to anticipate what elevates a holiday into something truly special, I embarked on a career making extraordinary journeys possible.

    I’ve been fortunate to travel across the globe, experiencing some of the most acclaimed hotels and resorts with my own eyes. While the timeless European landscapes of Italy’s Amalfi Coast and the south of France will always hold a special place in my heart, I’ve discovered immense beauty in destinations both celebrated and off the beaten path.

    However, my motivation stems not from the places themselves, but from the connections I forge with my discerning clients. There’s immense fulfilment in getting to know them, understanding their personalities and passions, in order to craft experiences tailored just for them. My greatest satisfaction comes from hearing their stories and evident delight in their voices as they recount the extraordinary memories I’ve had the privilege of creating.

    With extensive knowledge of the world’s most exceptional travel experiences, an eye for refined taste, and an unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations, I strive to craft luxury journeys that feel truly transcendent. But it’s the meaningful relationships I build with each client that make this work so profoundly rewarding.


    Kelly Wilson


    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    Although I may not organise the entirety of a travel itinerary, I take immense pride in enhancing and adding personalised touches that elevate each holiday into an extraordinary travel experience. As part of the dedicated travel support team, my colleagues and I are laser-focused on meticulously refining every clients’ holiday plans to ensure they represent the exceptional at every turn.

    We are devoted to the finer details – those carefully considered flourishes that transform a fantastic trip into an unforgettable adventure that surpasses all expectations.

    Our role is to scrutinise each itinerary through a discerning lens, identifying opportunities to incorporate individualised elements and unique perspectives that speak to our clients’ distinct preferences.

    From arranging intimate insider experiences offering rare glimpses into local cultures and thoughtfully accounting for unique dietary needs to ensuring seamless logistical arrangements, we apply an artisan-level finesse to each and every adventure.

    For example, on a client’s recent trip to Costa Rica, I added exhilarating experiences to their itinerary including a zipline excursion through rainforest canopies, access to secluded waterfalls and a guided jungle trek that brought them face-to-face with the region’s rarest wildlife. And, for European explorations, I’ve arranged private winery tours and tastings tailored to cater to the most refined palates.

    My extensive personal travels around the globe – from the natural grandeur of Canada and the historic legacies of Russia to the tropical allure of Thailand, the laid-back island charm of the Caribbean, and the rich cultural landscapes of Europe – serve as a boundless source of inspiration for these extraordinary experiences.

    And, by using my own experience of each destination as well as my little black book of connections, I enhance each itinerary with thoughtful touches that place our clients at the heart of their chosen destination.


    Sandy Bromilow


    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    With over three decades of experience in the travel industry, including 25 years dedicated to luxury travel, I’ve always loved creating amazing experiences for my clients. The spark for my wanderlust was ignited during childhood family holidays in Mallorca, where moments like participating in dance competitions at the kids’ clubs and savouring quality time in the pool with my father, left an indelible mark. In fact, it was these family adventures that organically led me to a career as a travel consultant.

    My commitment lies in carefully organising and overseeing clients’ holidays, ensuring that each trip transcends the ordinary and unfolds seamlessly. I consider it a privilege to guide them through their travel arrangements, and I am dedicated to delivering services that embody excellence.

    One particularly memorable experience involved coordinating a multi-generational family trip to Orlando, where I arranged VIP park passes, exclusive meet-and-greet sessions with Disney characters, and coveted dinner reservations at Cinderella’s Castle.

    Another highlight was a bespoke four-centre honeymoon I curated to Africa and the Indian Ocean, which included a romantic dinner under the starry skies, private boat excursions to secluded islands and an exclusive tour of a local rum factory. I also had the pleasure of managing a comprehensive trip to Mykonos for 22 friends and family members, complete with a champagne reception, private catamaran cruise and an immersive Greek Night experience.

    My unwavering goal is to consistently surpass client expectations and create travel experiences that etch themselves into memory by harnessing my extensive knowledge and burning passion for travel.


    Sue McIndoe


    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    While it may not involve arranging entire holidays, my role is to elevate our clients’ travel experiences to extraordinary levels through thoughtful enhancements and personalised extras. My journey in luxury travel began at a prestigious five-star hotel, where I got to see first-hand how much all those finer details can make all the difference.

    Building strong relationships with our clients is really important to me. I remember helping a couple make their honeymoon completely unforgettable with a whole series of romantic surprises. Years later, when they returned to arrange their babymoon and, following that, their first family holiday, they entrusted me once more to weave in similar special touches. Seeing families grow and having them trust in me to add in all the unique touches that strengthen bonds and help make everlasting memories is the driving force behind my passion and an honour I really do hold dear.

    My goal is to transform our clients’ “I wish” into “I did” by seamlessly integrating once-in-a-lifetime experiences into their itineraries. I take a real joy in organising celebrations, like the 60th birthday where I arranged for a family of twenty to set sail on a private yacht in the Maldives.

    This is not a one-size-fits-all approach; rather, it is about elevating our clients’ travel stories with distinctive flourishes that resonate for years to come.

    Moreover, I have been fortunate to experience many of the destinations within our collection first-hand, from the exotic allure of Asia and the Indian Ocean to the untamed beauty of Africa and the captivating charm of the Caribbean. This intimate familiarity with the hotels and resorts allows me to seamlessly integrate authentic extras that amplify the magic of our clients’ journeys.


    Stacey Jacks-Robson

    Travel Support Executive

    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    From a young age, my lust for travel was undeniable. Airports, far from mere departure terminals, became portals to a world of diverse cultures and enriching experiences. While some dreamt of piloting journeys through the skies, my passion lay in facilitating them. Travel magazines became my constant companions, fuelling a desire to connect people with new landscapes and customs.

    As a seasoned travel expert on our travel support team, my true passion lies in elevating standard holiday itineraries into extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventures. While many clients come to us with a basic trip outlined – maybe a Disney World escape or a journey to the Seychelles – they often overlook the hidden gems that can transform their experience from enjoyable to truly memorable. This is where my insider knowledge and creative flair take centre stage.

    For families visiting Disney parks, I may recommend unique offerings like private guided tours, little-known shows/entertainment, or clever tips to beat the crowds. For those venturing to the Seychelles, I tap into my deep familiarity with the islands to put together a bespoke menu of off-the-beaten-path activities – whether it’s discovering secluded coves, sampling fresh Seychellois Creole cuisine, or embarking on hiking adventures through lush jungles.

    The key to crafting truly unforgettable adventures lies in taking the time to intimately understand each client’s unique interests. Armed with those invaluable insights, I get to flex my experience and creative muscle to meticulously design a fully personalised itinerary.

    What may have begun as a standard, run-of-the-mill holiday is then taken to a whole other level: an engaging, immersive travel experience tailored specifically for them. By thoughtfully packing their itinerary with one-of-a-kind activities and awe-inspiring moments, I strive to transform their journey from ordinary to extraordinary – an authentic adventure they’ll treasure for years.


    Suzi Austin


    01565 656000
    [email protected]

    My childhood adventures were marked by the scent of sunscreen and an overloaded car, as my family embarked on summer odysseys to the South of France and mainland Spain. These experiences, lovingly arranged by my parents, instilled in me a huge passion for travel, curiosity, and the joy of discovering new horizons.

    At the age of 19, with my newly acquired travel qualifications, I set forth on my professional journey. Each position I held was a unique chapter in my story, ultimately leading me to EDEN. These roles were more than just jobs; they were my tickets to a world of adventure, turning dreams into reality as I explored each new destination. Yet, it was my journey through Africa that truly captured my heart, as I explore its wild landscapes, encountering incredible wildlife along the way, and forming a deep connection that would forever shape my path.

    As the years have passed, my role has undergone something of a metamorphosis; transitioning from that of an explorer to a maestro of travel experiences. Now, as an integral part of the travel support team, I find immeasurable fulfilment in weaving together the threads of unforgettable journeys for others.

    Understanding our clients is of utmost importance. Each client is a unique individual with their own preferences and personalities. The key to creating the perfect experience lies in uncovering their desires and tailoring every aspect of the journey to their specific tastes. For some, indulging in a Michelin-starred restaurant might be a once-in-a-lifetime splurge, while for others, it’s a regular occurrence.

    For me, there is no greater satisfaction than playing a part in creating these memories, knowing that each moment of wonder and joy stems from the dedication and passion I put into every journey I help bring to life.


    Mary Adams


    01244 567000
    [email protected]

    Barbados captivated me from the moment I arrived 36 years ago, when I was immediately drawn to the warm and welcoming nature of the people; the lush, vibrant landscapes blanketing the island; the pristine white sandy beaches that stretched on endlessly; and the brilliant sunshine that cast a warm glow over everything.

    My journey in the travel world began by leading scenic tours around Barbados, unveiling the island’s hidden gems and breathtaking vistas that make it so uniquely special. I adore meeting people from all over the world, from all sorts of backgrounds, and introducing them to the natural splendour I’m fortunate enough to call home.

    Fourteen years ago, I discovered my true calling in the world of luxury travel experiences when I joined the EDEN team. As the Resort Manager in our Barbados office, my singular mission is to make every client’s dream holiday truly extraordinary by providing impeccable service that goes above and beyond at every opportunity – with no request too large or too small.

    Whether arranging private beachfront dining, curating off-the-beaten-path island adventures, or simply ensuring clients’ accommodation is utter paradise, I pour my efforts into delivering the pinnacle of luxury hospitality. Transforming their getaway into a remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime adventure is what drives me.

    Fostering those personal connections and playing a role in creating timeless memories for families is what I value most. Seeing the delight on their faces, and the wonder in their children’s eyes as they experience this island’s magic – those are the moments that make this work deeply rewarding. I feel fortunate every day to not only call this paradise home, but to have the opportunity to unveil its charms for others through extraordinary travel experiences.



























    If you have any unanswered questions or require further guidance on your journey, our team of experts is here to help you.

    If you have any unanswered questions or require further guidance on your journey, our team of experts is here to help you.