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    Japan is a fascinating land of contrasts, an engaging combination of futuristic cities, ancient culture, traditional performing arts, great architectural works and stunning natural landscapes. From the big-city buzz of Tokyo and the mountain hot springs of Hakone, to the tranquil beauty of Kyoto and traditions of Takayama, each region of Japan has something exceptionally special to offer.<br /> <br /> A vast archipelago consisting of over 7000 islands, four main islands form the most-frequented and best-known areas of Japan: Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku. Honshu is home to Japan’s key destinations, while the other three islands offer a whole host of landscapes, environments, and cultural activities.<br /> <br /> Our bespoke itineraries mean you can choose which of the country’s highlights to explore. For starters, cosmopolitan Tokyo is one of the most exciting metropolises in Asia, where traditions from centuries past exist side-by-side with the ever-moving elements of the latest in urban culture.<br /> <br /> Remaining firmly at the top of most visitors’ ‘must-see’ lists however are the country’s veritable melting pot of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: including the beauty of the solitary, often snow-capped, stratovolcano Mount Fuji; the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji and Otsu Cities); the Historic Village of Shirakawa-go; the Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome); and the Itsukushima Shinto Shrine.


    CAPITAL CITY | Tokyo
    TIME DIFFERENCE | GMT +8 hours
    BEST TIME TO VISIT | Mar-May & Sep-Nov
    CURRENCY | Japanese Yen

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    EDEN's individually curated travel experiences offer access to the most remote marvels of the world. This year, venture beyond the ordinary and discover multiple destinations in a single trip, unveiling the rich fabric and beauty of each region.


    Original features written by our own Travel Directors who share their own perspectives, opinions and recommendations on the places they’ve visited throughout the year, so you can make a more considered choice wherever your travels take you next...

    Journey through Japan


    So much more than Sony, sushi and the Shinkansen bullet train, Japan is a land that’s mysteriously unique… Traditional heritage and local customs collide with neon lights, futuristic attractions, crazy-cool pop culture and mind-blowing natural wonders….