Birthplace of chocolate and producer of the world’s best coffee you say? We’re in! But those aren’t the only reasons why we’ve a soft spot for Guatemala.

"As the country of the eternal spring, the pleasant climate means you can visit any time of the year."

First up it’s still pretty under the radar – so it’s perfect for a more off the beaten track adventure, with brand new experiences around every corner. The distances from place to place are short, allowing you to visit several regions in the same trip.

Then there’s the charmingly colourful, colonial city of Antigua; Lake Atitlán – as deep as it is beautiful (and a fantastic spot for snapping the country’s most captivating volcanic vistas); and the jungle-cloaked limestone temples of Tikal: capital of the Mayan Classic Period, and the motherlode of all Guatemalan encounters (awesome at sunrise).

But Guatemala isn’t just the ancient heart of the Maya world – today over six-million Maya make up around 50% of the country’s population. It’s their spellbinding, dynamic and unique culture that give this nation its most distinctive feature. Add to that the overall warmth and authenticity of the Guatemalan people, and their impossibly beautiful craftsmanship (particularly when it comes to vibrant textiles), and you’ve got a heady, hidden gem that’s well worth discovering.

What you need to know

  • Capital City

    Guatemala City

  • Time Difference

    GMT -6 hours

  • Best Time to Visit

    December to May

  • Currency

    Quetzal (US Dollars are widely accepted).



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Inside Knowledge

Creating special moments

  1. Highland Gem

    Highland Gem

    With a lively cultural scene, booming coffee scene and a food and drink scene that's definitely one to be savoured, UNESCO-listed Antigua is fast gaining appeal as one of Central America’s most enticing cities.

  2. Eden on Earth?

    Eden on Earth?

    Deep in the highlands, hemmed in by velvety green volcanic hills, is Lake Atitlán. Refreshing days are spent kayaking, discovering secret nooks and crannies, an assortment of small Mayan villages, and checking out the local T’zutujil Maya culture.

  3. Towering Tikal

    Towering Tikal

    In a region where ancient ruins are pretty much everywhere, Tikal’s towering pyramids, set amidst UNESCO-protected, jungle-shrouded wilderness and emerging from grassy mounds amidst trees and snaking vines, truly stand out as some of the best.