Vast, enthralling and endlessly exhilarating, The Americas boast some of the most inspiring landscapes that the globe can offer. But be warned; you may want to stay forever.

"Prepare for your senses to be assailed by unforgettable sights, tastes and sounds. "

Encompassing a myriad of landscapes and cultures, The Americas offers an almost tireless treasure trove of experiences for travellers, from the remains of ancient civilizations in Mexico and South America to the gleaming cities of Canada and the US, peppered amongst ever-changing landscapes which define majesty. Dine in the best restaurants, shop ‘til you drop’, take a multi-cultural step back in time, or just chill on the beaches. Whatever it is you want from your visit, The Americas has something for everyone.

Our top five recommended

  1. Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort

    Walt Disney World® Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA

  2. Belmond El Encanto

    Santa Barbara, California, USA

  3. Mandarin Oriental, New York

    Midtown West, Manhattan, New York, USA

  4. Amangiri

    Canyon Point, Utah, USA

  5. The Mark

    Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York, USA


Exotic beaches; desert oases; wilderness retreats; glistening mega-resorts and urban paradises…

  • USA
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    Put simply, when you visit America, the possibilities are boundless. And whether it's sight-seeing or some serious shopping that floats your boat, we're guaranteed to find you the perfect location. In fact, we reckon we've got the States sewn-up.

  • Canada
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    From untouched forests to cosmopolitan cities, from towering mountain ranges to endless seascapes, Canada is a country of extremes - one that embraces its glistening newness yet has a hand firmly, and proudly, in its colonial past.

  • Mexico
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    The buzz of Mexico City, with its 19 million inhabitants and irrepressible joie de vivre; or the idyllic white Caribbean sands of Riviera Maya? Or maybe the exclusive Pacific Coast haçienda hideaways of Los Cabos? It’s almost impossible hard to choose.

  • Cuba
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    Synonymous with Montecristos and mojitos, Castro and classic cars, the Caribbean’s largest and possibly most enigmatic island, just south of Miami, is enjoying it’s moment in the sun – and rightfully so.

  • Costa Rica
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    Costa Rica

    The pioneer of eco-tourism, barely 200 miles wide and extending majestically from the Pacific to the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is one of those places that really does have to be seen to be believed.

  • Guatemala
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    Birthplace of chocolate and producer of the world’s best coffee you say? We’re in! But those aren’t the only reasons why we’ve a soft spot for Guatemala.

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