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​​Unless otherwise stated, all prices are based on 7 night stays, and include round-trip economy class flights. Transfers extra.

  • Early Booking Offers

    We’ve said it before, but some holidays are just better value the earlier you book. In fact some hotels give such fantastic value when you book ahead, it’s amazing anyone leaves it to the last minute these days. So why wait? Take a look at this month’s greatest early bird deals and get a whole lot more for your money.

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  • Indian Ocean Offers

    Choose from idyllic islands adrift in the Indian Ocean, seducing you with overwater villas, underwater reefs, iridescent white sands, swaying sugar cane and cerulean oceans; or the magnificence of the Indian Subcontinent’s temples, Buddhist Kingdoms and beaches throughout Sri Lanka – all serving up a feast for senses as well as the soul.

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  • Caribbean Offers

    Hunker down by translucent shores and shady palms to breathe in jasmine and hibiscus and watch the hovering of miracle-winged hummingbirds. Explore the stunning tiny islands of the Caribbean, and save.

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  • Arabia Offers

    With its gleaming towers rising out of the desert, constantly sun-drenched beaches, world-beating designer shopping and fabulous hotels, the UAE serves up the very last word in urbane glamour, while Oman is a stylish and sophisticated choice for those looking to enjoy the very best Arabia has to offer.

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  • Europe Offers

    From the sun-kissed Mediterranean to sophisticated cities, Europe’s diversity is without equal. Its converted castles, restored monasteries, refurbished palaces and rolling landscapes are all testimony to its fascinating history, whilst the gourmet cuisine, vintage wines and glamorous nightlife reflect the continent’s irrepressible joie de vivre.

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