Utterly unspoilt and staggeringly beautiful, Oman’s natural assets are finally accessible to travellers and look set to make this unassuming desert realm one of the hottest tickets around.

"A much more low-key affair than its flashier neighbours, Oman prides itself on offering plenty of the real Arabia to visitors."

Long overlooked by tourists, Oman’s secret is finally out. And it’s a secret that tells of mountain wildernesses, hundreds of miles of sugar-soft beaches, historic forts, and red desert dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see. With 1000 miles of pristine beach bordered by warm Gulf waters on one side, and swaying palms and rugged mountains on the other, Oman’s coastline is a picture-postcard come true; while Muscat is one of the most beautiful capitals in the region.

Away from the city, desert adventures await, with gentle camel treks or thrilling four-wheel drive wadi safaris, all allowing you explore the magnificent canyons, traditional villages and UNESCO World Heritage forts that stud this beautiful land of the Sultans.

What you need to know

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    GMT +3

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    Omani Rial



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Inside Knowledge

Creating special moments

  1. Bustling Bazaars

    Bustling Bazaars

    A dazzling assault on all the senses, the tiny warrens and shops of Muscat’s Mutrah Souk are unmissable, both as an experience, and as a souvenir hunting ground. Explore, enjoy and allow yourself to get a little lost.

  2. Desert Delights

    Desert Delights

    Cross the desert to isolated Wahiba Sands, a place of wild dunes that the Bedouin call home and the setting for many a desert movie. Travellers are welcome to visit and gain a fascinating insight into a rapidly disappearing way of life.

  3. Majestic Forts

    Majestic Forts

    Explore the maze-like corridors, living quarters, towers and carved archways of the exquisitely-restored Rustaq Fort. Looming over a picturesque desert oasis, it’s just one of Oman’s many imposing historic forts, but one that visitors can fully explore.