​DAY 1 ​​Outbound international flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Stay: Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur (3 nights)
​DAYS 2-3 ​Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur – KL to friends – feels like the best of Asia thrown together, such is its remarkable ethnic mix. And rapid change has left traditional and colonial houses sharing street space with towering glass monuments to economic wealth. 
​DAYS 4-10 Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi​
Flight Time: ​2 hours

Langkawi is an archipelago made up of around 100 islands and separated from the mainland by the Strait of Malacca. The largest and one of the only two inhabited islands is Pulau Langkawi. A naturally beautiful island, it is flanked with dense vegetation, a variety of wildlife, virgin rainforest, limestone crops and crystal-clear waters, making it the perfect destination for nature lovers. Over on the East Coast, the main attractions are the beautiful beaches and pristine reefs which offer fabulous swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Stay: Four Seasons Resort Langkawi (7 nights)
DAY 11 ​Depart Langkawi on your flight back to London Heathrow via Kuala Lumper.
​​PRICES ​​10 nights from £1,895 per person



DAY 1 Outbound international flight to Singapore.

Stay: The Fullerton Bay(2 nights)

DAY 2 Singapore

Singapore is unlike any other Asian city. It's clean, efficient and stylish, not clogged with traffic, and has virtually no crime. But if you think that sounds sterile and dull, you'd be wrong. The city has a fascinating ethnic brew, mixing together China, India, Malaysia and Europe amidst gleaming modern towers and rich architectural heritage.

Wander around its beautiful parks and streets and you start to get a flavour of this multicultural society, which truly comes alive in the bars, chic restaurants and the famous hawker centres. There's extravagant shopping too. High-end boutiques around Orchard Street are joined by bargains of every description, plus art and antiques galore. And for a break from city life, you can always dive with sharks at Underwater World, go on a night-time safari at Singapore Zoo, or head for the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: Singapore's oldest rainforest.
DAY 3 Singapore to Kota Kinabalu (Borneo)
Flight Time: 3 hours

Stay: Shangri-la's Rasa Ria Resort & Spa (4 nights)
​DAYS 4-6 ​Borneo

When in Borneo, you must see one of their iconic orangutans. It's so easy to become enthralled by their whimsical and cheeky moves yet a good reminder that their habit is shrinking and responsible choices made worldwide (such as sustainable palm oil) can help prevent them and other rainforest animals from becoming extinct.

Despite a location adjacent to a spectacular five-star resort full of fabulous leisure activities, the Rasa Ria Nature Reserve takes conservation seriously (visitors are kept a safe distance from orangutans) and that became obvious immediately after our arrival. And, once you step into the reserve and are shielded by a massive canopy of green, it's easy to forget the beach is just steps away
​DAY 7 ​Kota Kinabalu to Bali
Flight Time: 3 hours, 30 minutes

Stay: The St. Regis Bali Resort (7 nights)
​DAYS 8-13 Bali

A deliriously enticing paradise heralded by those who keep going back to savour its mix of tropical beauty, five-star resorts and tempting nightlife, Bali defies its diminutive size to hold a revered status as a destination. Ask anyone to name the first tropical island idyll that comes to mind, and chances are they'll say Bali. The reasons for its dominance amongst Indonesia's attractions are multiple: rice paddies that trickle down hillsides; volcanoes that pierce the sky; ribbons of white sandy beaches; crashing surf; diverse, locally-flavoured shopping; throbbing cosmopolitan restaurants and nightlife... this is an island made up of a rich, sybaritic tapestry, with a welcoming people.

Small but deliciously formed: one of the beauties of Bali is the fact that all its attractions are easily accessible – you can  drive the perimeter of the island in a day – meaning you can pick and mix according to whim.
​DAY 14 ​​Depart Bali on your flight back to London Heathrow via Singapore.
​PRICES 13 nights from £2,750 per person



​A Natural Break Malaysia is a diverse region in so many ways, not least the wildlife. Its forests and jungles are home to no fewer than 8000 species of plants, as well as rare mammals, reptiles and birds galore, from elephants to monkeys and tigers to tortoises; while the clear waters around Pulau Tenggol have possibly the greatest marine biodiversity in the world, too. It's any explorer's dream destination!


Spot the Style Malaysia's fascinating cultural mix also shows up in its architecture, and part of the fun is to spot which styles are where! Influences include Hindu-Indian; Arab-Muslim; Chinese; and European, from Portuguese, Dutch and British colonisation. There's also a 'modern Malaysian' style, combining new ideas with the country's rich heritage.


Tantalise your Tastebuds Singapore's a dining delight, with everything from global franchises to gourmet delis to six-star settings. One of the best eating experiences is at the hawker centres; government-regulated concentrations of stalls selling a staggering variety of Singapore Malay, Chinese, Indonesian, Peranakan, Indian, Thai, Japanese and Korean cuisine. As if that weren't enough, there are seemingly endless food promotions and tours too, including the Singapore Food Festival in July.


Don't Forget your Plastic Retail therapy was never so rewarding! Both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are a shopper's paradise, with everything from colonial antiques to the latest technology, and local handicrafts to luxury brands. From modern malls to lively markets, there's a brilliant choice; but the event not to miss is the legendary annual Great Singapore Sale in June and July – definitely the time to dust off your credit card and get bargain hunting!


Have a Beach Ball! Sentosa is Singapore's beach playground, just 15 minutes from the city centre. Billed as a relaxing island resort, it's actually home to all sorts of attractions too, including Universal Studios, the Underwater World oceanarium, and Dolphin Lagoon water show. You'll also find museums, a 131-metre-high viewing tower and a huge entertainment complex, as well as adrenaline-pumping rides. Brilliant fun for the whole family!


Life after Dark Singapore's Orchard Road has always been the main centre for nightlife, with its bars, discos and nightclubs. Many of the best-known places are located in hotels, with other favourites in Ngee Ann City. The ideal spot for an evening apéritif is the Raffles Hotel, renowned for its literary connections and the elegant Long Bar where the Singapore Sling was invented.​

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