At Eden, we pride ourselves on creating your precious moments; perfect for a picture, treasured for a lifetime, and passed on from this generation to the next.

Our Travel Directors have scoured the globe to recommend the most exciting adventures, the most exhilarating thrills and expeditions, the most mind-blowing scenery and the most authentic cultural experiences.

From California to the Caribbean, and Indochina to the Med, you’re certain to find something that’s guaranteed to inspire you. Some are off the beaten track. Some are hidden gems. All will open your eyes to a whole new world.

And with the amazing offers we’ve secured, these once-in-a-lifetime moments will certainly be worth capturing and keeping with you forever.

Discover California

More than just theme parks, surfers, the Golden Gate Bridge and Hollywood, California has so much to offer both the intrepid adventurer and the casual explorer. >>> Read more

Island hop the Caribbean

Relaxing in a beautiful tropical climate, sipping rum punches on picturesque white sands, and dipping your toes in perfect turquoise waters, this is what Caribbean living is all about. >>> Read more

Meander the ancient Med

For thousands of years, the ancient Mediterranean has been a much sought-after destination. History, culture and tradition abound, whilst natural coastal beauty is everywhere you look. >>> Read more

Uncovering Indochina

A year-round destination rising in popularity each year, Indochina simultaneously serves up a brilliant mix of enriching adventures, compelling history and tranquil relaxation. >>> Read more

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