Set in the azure seas of the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is renowned for its clean green environment and remarkable scenic beauty from rugged mountains and ancient glaciers to beaches, bays and bush.

More than magnificent landscapes, New Zealand is about a people and a society with a vibrant and rich culture; a melding of a proud Maori heritage and modern European and Polynesian influences. New Zealanders themselves – friendly and open are proud of their country and its achievements – have an egalitarian approach to life that visitors find refreshingly calming and welcoming.

Outstanding experiences are the name of the game here – everything from wilderness fly fishing and deep-sea game fishing, hiking and helicopter adventures, diving, hot-air ballooning, skiing and golfing tours, house and garden tours, not to mention all the sports, cultural and artistic activities. New Zealand is also known for its fine foods and wines, and there's an amazing array of exciting and innovative gourmet Pacific Rim cuisine and wine trails to dive on into.

New Zealand: Perfection from Every Perspective


New Zealand is a small country, similar in size to Great Britain or Japan.



And with a population of only four million people it’s also gloriously uncrowded.


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New Zealand is sub-tropical in the North and temperate in the South. The North has no extremes of heat or cold, but in the South winter can be quite cool with snow in the mountains. The Eastern areas often experience drought conditions in summer; and the West, particularly on South Island, has more rain.






Breathe deeply... there's something about the air in the Land of the Long White Cloud. It's clear and crisp; pure and refreshing. Which is a description that could easily be applied to the country as a whole. The land itself – whether it's the craggy coastlines and rolling hills of North Island or the towering mountains, fjords and glaciers of South Island – is essentially raw and untouched, the water clear and sparkling, the vistas wide and infinite.


New Zealand loves its produce and really appreciates quality, so you'll find plenty of brilliant farmers markets giving you the chance to try award-winning cheeses, beautiful fruit and veg and fabulous fish for yourself. 



A place in the past: Wellington's star attraction – and a cracking day out – is the spectacular Te Papa Museum of New Zealand. Here you'll learn all about the country's history, secrets and culture, as well as Maori legends.


Go for the great outdoors: after all, that's what New Zealand is famous for! There's no end of ways to enjoy the scenery too, from fantastic dive sites to unbelievable trekking, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, hand-gliding – you name it, it's all here. 

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