For centuries, travellers have been drawn to Asia. Today it’s a more captivating destination than ever, and on this incredible expedition through the islands of Micronesia, Indonesia and New Guinea, you’ll find there is always much much more of this wonderful world to uncover.

First stop on your exploration of the mysterious islands of Indoneisa are Pulau's uninhabited Fanna Island, and Sonsorol Island, home to just 25 inhabitants. Here you'll get the chance to snorkel or dive among thousands of iridescent blue chromis, while birders will get their chance at spotting the Black-naped Tern, Red-footed Booby, and frigatebirds.

A day cruising the Philippine Sea then gives you the opportunity to relax, take advantage of the on-board luxuries, and maybe enjoy one of the wellness seminars, or a talk on the Indonesian craft of Ikat weaving, before docking the following day at the volanic island of Ternate.

Steeped in history, the Portuguese, Spaniards and Dutch have all vied for Ternate's control over the years due to the spices grown in the Moluccas. It's here too that Alfred Russel Wallace wrote his pioneering account of evolution by natural selection, known as the "Ternate Essay". Once disembarked, jeepneys will whisk you on a sightseeing tour of Benteng Oranye, the remains of a massive 1607 Dutch fortress; Kedaton, the Sultan's mosque and Palace, which still serves as a family home today; and, time permitting, a visit to the oldest clove plantation.


Moving on to Raja Ampat, a vast archipelago estimated to have up to 10 times the marine life of the Caribbean and Mediterranean Sea combined, and home to possibly 70% of the known coral species on the planet. This makes the region a much-celebrated snorkeling and diving hotspot, but there's also plenty of watersports and opportunities for beachcombing here too.

It may be hard to tear yourself away from the beauty of Raja Ampat, but this is is an exploration of the many sides of the South Pacific and the adventure continues through New Guinea, Here, immerse yourself in its ancient rock paintings, colonial history and intriuging cultures, before crossing the Arafura Sea for one of the voyage's highlights, a visit to the Asmat region.

This is a vast area of lowland swamp and rainforest, where many villages, including their streets, are built entirely on stilts. The Asmat people, once feared for their headhunting and cannibalism, are these days much more welcoming and now more famous their spectacular Papuan woodcarvings.

After a few days visiting more of Indonesia's island idylls, including Banda and its forts, markets and plantations; and beautiful Alor Island with its crystal-clear waters, pure white beaches, traditional villages and unique Moko drum culture; you'll set foot on Komodo Island and come face-to-face with the huge Komodo Dragon, the world's largest living lizard, and the elegant Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos, Helmeted Friarbirds, the Orange-footed Megapode and Sambar deer.

Finally, your adventure heads to Sumba in the Lesser Sunda Islands, an area known for its intricate Ikat fabric, distinctive architecture and sculptured stone tombs. Having resisted the advances of the modern age, it's a fascinating island to explore, especially West Sumba where ancient tribal rites are best preserved, and a wonderful end to a journey that's taken in all the incredible sights, sounds, cultures, customs and people across Indonesia.

Mysterious South-East Asia

19 Days ​- Koror, Palau to Benoa, Bali

​Day 1

Koror, Palau Embark Silver Discoverer

​Day 2

Fanna and Sonsorol Islands, Palau

​Day 3

Cruising the Philippine Sea

​Day 4

Ternate, Moluccas, Indonesia

​Day 5

Boo Islands, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

​Day 6

Misool Island, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia 

​Day 7

Dwars in den Weg Islands, West Papua, Indonesia Kokas, West Papua, Indonesia

​Day 8

Cruising the Arafura Sea

​Days 9-10

Agats (Asmat Expedition) Sjuru and Ewer Village, West Papua, New Guinea; Juan and Jufri Villages, West Papua, New Guinea

​Day 11

Cruising the Banda Sea

​Day 12

Banda, Indonesia

​Day 13

At Sea

​Day 14

Kalabahi (for Takpala), Alor Island, Indonesia   

​Day 15

Lamalera Village, Lomblem Island, and Pulau Suanggi, Indonesia

​Day 16

Seba, Savu, Indonesia

​Day 17

Komodo & Pink Beach, Indonesia

​Day 18

Kodi, Sumba, Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

​Day 19

Benoa, Bali, Indonesia Following breakfast, disembark Silver Discoverer

Expedition Highlights

  • Enjoy wellness seminars throughout the voyage
  • Visit the volcanic island where Alfred Russel Wallace wrote his pioneering account of evolution by natural selection
  • Tour through Benteng Oranye (Fort Orange), the remains of a massive 1607 Dutch fortress, and Kedaton, the Sultan’s mosque and Palace on Ternate
  • Explore snorkelling and diving hotspots such as the Raja Ampat
  • Discover thousands of iridescent blue chromis, while birders can watch for the Black-naped Tern, Red-footed Booby, and frigate birds
  • Go in search of New Guinea’s finest ancient Papuan rock art
  • Cruise along the mangroves on Silversea’s fleet of Zodiacs in search of parrots, lorikeets and the spectacular bird of paradise
  • Marvel at the famous Asmat wood carvings and immerse yourself in the ancient Asmat culture
  • See the famous Komodo dragon in its natural habitat
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