History, natural beauty and captivating myths await on this 14-day cruise that takes you on a discovery of the most remote corners of the British Isles and the coasts and fjords of Norway.

In fact, history is everywhere you turn on this voyage, from the birthplace of Christendom in Scotland to the maritime heritage of Kristiansund. The wildlife – from puffins to porpoises – will no doubt capture your attention. And of course, the natural beauty will amaze, from Giant’s Causeway to the tranquil fjords of Norway.​

​​ It's Northern Ireland's tiny Rathlin Island, a special conservation area with a bird colony that's home to tens of thousands of seabirds; a cruise along the stunning North Antrim coastline; and a visit to the dramatic Giant's Causeway (formed over 50 million years ago) that get the ball rolling on this epic voyage. You'll see everything from wild coastal landscapes and incredible wildlife to medieval castle ruins straight from the pages of a fairytale here, and this is just the beginning!

St Kilda, meanwhile is a complete contrast to Tobermory: the UK's westernmost landmass, some 50 miles beyond the Outer Hebrides. Weather permitting, you'll head ashore to explore this remote ghost settlement that's been uninhabited since its dramatic 1930 evacuation: its timeless, dreamlike landscape, tumbledown cottages and ruins sprawled picturesquely over the hillside making for an extremely moving experience.​

Reflections of a medieval past are almost everywhere on this trip, and in the Faroe Islands you'll get the chance to explore Kirkjubour – once the residence of the Bishop of the Faeroes; as well as the maritime, farming and religious artefacts dating to the Viking era at the new historical museum in Hoyvik, Fornminnisavn.

On Sudoroy, the most southern of the Faeroe Islands, you can hike in search of Atlantic puffins nesting; or visit the art gallery of local sculpturist Palle Julsgart and take a tour of the historical and maritime museum in the small town of Tvøroyri; and on your last day visiting the Faroe Islands there's the chance to explore the caves and rugged shoreline around the Vestmanna bird cliffs​​, one of the most popular attractions in this region.

Then it's time to visit Norway, land of the fjords, where impressive mountains and cascading waterfalls await; with tales of explorers, trappers, traders and trolls from over the centuries enhancing every last moment of this phenomenal journey.


Journeying on through Scotland, you'll explore its most sacred and historical sites. Iona (cradle of Scottish Christianity, and the burial site to 48 kings of Scotland, including Duncan, Macbeth's victim.


The small town of Tobermory on the isle of Mull, its charming, brightly-coloured waterfront buildings, pubs, shops and beautiful castle overlooking it all provide plenty of entertainment for whiling away the afternoon. 

Remote British Isles & Magical Fjords

14 Days ​- Dublin, Ireland to Tromsø, Norway

​Day 1
Dublin, Ireland Embark the Silver Explorer this evening and depart on your voyage to remote British Isles and Norway
​Day 2
Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland to Portrush, Northern Ireland
​Day 3
Iona, Scotland to Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland
​Day 4
Isle of Skye, Armadale Bay and Rum, Scotland
​Day 5
St Kilda, Scotland
​Day 6
Torshavn, Faroe Islands
​Day 7
Tvøroyri, Faroe Islands
​Day 8
Vestmanna Bird Cliffs, Faroe Islands
​Day 9
At Sea
​Day 10
Geiranger, Norway
​Day 11
Runde Island, Norway to Ålesund, Norway
​Day 12
Kristiansund, Norway
​Day 13
Torghatten Island, Norway to Vega Archipelago, Norway
​Day 14
Trollfjorden, Lofoten Islands, Norway
​Day 15

​Tromsø, Norway Following breakfast, disembark the Silver Explorer


Expedition Highlights

  • Kayak along the Geirangerfjord
  • Wander amidst beautiful gardens
  • Observe a variety of seabirds: guillemots, kittiwakes and puffins
  • Visit historic cathedrals and ancient churches
  • Photograph the medieval Dunluce Castle ruins
  • Experience the Giant's Causeway
  • Watch for dolphins, seals and porpoises
  • Tour Duart and Brodick castles
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