“A medi-clinic with stylish hotel rooms and inspiring views. Caroline Egerton checks in and pushes the reset button…

The Background

​Set up 11 years ago after its founder Alfredo Bataller Parietti recovered from years of battling cancer after switching to a diet promoted by Japanese macrobiotics master, George Ohsawa, the SHA Wellness Clinic is all about taking time out to hit the reset button, work on mind, body and spirit… and emerge (as I did three days later) feeling energised, empowered and internally reinvented. So when I got the chance to go, I leapt at it!

So what is SHA?

Way more than just another hotel with a great spa, SHA is an all-singing, all-dancing medi-clinic that looks more like a Balearic beach club than a holistic wellness clinic, with a cool rooftop infinity pool; an aqua lab; organic hair salon; tea lounge with oxygen bar; and a health and beauty library; plus sleek, generously sized suites overlooking the mountains or sea. 

I stayed in a Deluxe Suite with mountain view, but would recommend the next category up – a Superior Suite – for longer stays as they come with more space and some a Jacuzzi, too).

It's ideal if you're...

looking to kick-start a balanced lifestyle while detoxifying the body; in search of healing therapies for a serious illness; seeking out the best in healthy weight-loss programmes; or wanting to simply relax and unwind, enveloped by two of the most healing of elements: sunshine and sublime sea views over the Bay of Altea. 

Stays consist of early nights and early mornings. Schedules are packed full of spa treatments, group activities, lectures, macrobiotic cookery classes, yoga, Pilates and stress management… and all with limited alcohol and no caffeine! But what really sets this place apart is its blend of Eastern and Western approaches, like cutting-edge genetic testing and traditional Chinese medicine, all undertaken by top international experts from both disciplines who work closely together to ensure you get the very best of both worlds. 

How it works

​Based on a consultation (which took place a week prior to my arrival) guests are assigned a programme, whether it's the more targeted approach to focus on specifics like stopping smoking, losing weight, or the Discovery programme – an overall insight into what the clinic offers (which was chosen for me), with a focus on detoxing and beating stress. 

The clinic also has its own app, which was essential to my stay, I used it constantly to know where I needed to be and when, to view the menus for each meal, to add and change treatments and to get to know more about the SHA Wellness team overall.

The cuisine

Based on your consultation, you're placed on one of three diets: Kushi – the strictest, most restrictive weight-loss/detox diet (just 700 calories each day with no bread and no water with meals); Bio Light: a milder version of the same, designed for those who wish to take a bit more care of themselves than usual and learn about all the benefits healthy eating brings with it; or the SHA Wellness gastronomic menu which is so good that even non-residents often come for lunch or dinner! Oh, and every dish is an absolute work of art. 

Mealtimes are set in stone, with breakfast from 7.30-10.30am daily, lunch at 1pm and dinner at 7pm, so that can feel a little restrictive if you're not used to it. But the menus change with every meal and are adapted to suit each guest's individual needs. And as long as you're not on the Kushi programme, you can request a bread roll, water and alcohol with your meal (though as you start to get 'in the zone', you do start to wonder whether those are absolutely necessary… something I never thought I'd say)!

The treatments

The list of treatments is almost endless too, from water therapies, osteopathy, massages and facials, to more specialised treatments like the Face or Body Indiba (which I highly recommend). It rebalances your cellular metabolism and translates into more compact, younger-looking tissues… the first one was so good, I opted for another session before I left. And while all treatments are chosen for you based on your consultation, you can add more if you wish through the App or with your Agenda Planner (though do bear in mind that some treatments get booked up way in advance so it's a good idea to do some research/planning prior to your arrival).

Other treatments I experienced were the deep tissue massage (I'm now officially knot-free!); facials – which, by the way were incredible… I was still seeing the benefits three days later; and the Watsu treatment which was another belter. It's basically 50 minutes of Shiatsu in water and let me tell you, although the slow movements and stretches felt a little strange at first, it's utter bliss and totally relaxing… so much so I actually fell asleep. 

The results

I loved the yoga classes (soooo relaxing!) and the fitness assessment was fantastic, as it not only gave me an idea of my overall fitness levels, it also gave me something different to take away and continue to work on at home.

All in all, the combination of healthy food, awesome treatments, the sublimely relaxing hydro-therapy circuit and totally chilled-out atmosphere did me the absolute world of good. So would I go again? 100% yes!! I feel absolutely fantastic and am amazed that it just took a few days away from a busy work/life balance to come home feeling this good."

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    Looking more like a Balearic beach club than a world-class medi-spa with focused, goal-driven health programmes supported by three nutritional, healthy eating menus (SHA, Biolight and Kushi), stay here and you'll leave feeling and looking – as clichés would have it – a million dollars.

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