Renowned for offering the peak of safari experiences, Botswana is unmatched in terms of abundant wildlife and amber-tinged scenery, while seamlessly crafted adventures are combined with elevated levels of luxury that casually waft through every camp.


Whether it's amongst the watery oasis of the Okavango Delta – where wild cats and elephants roam free, beside seasonally flooded watering holes – or the scorched Kalahari Desert, complete with shimmering salt pans, fossil river valleys and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve; there's nowhere on Earth quite as mesmerising.

For seasoned safari-goers, an itinerary of land- and water-based activities is high on the agenda (both desert and delta), however, the methods to do so here are endless; be it careering along rugged foliage in open-topped jeeps, meandering through reed-lined rivers by boat, or soaring above the rolling African plains in a hot-air balloon.

Here EDEN uncovers some of the best ways to soak up the safari vistas and explore this incredible country by land, water and sky.​

Botswana by Land | Jeep Safaris

​Jeep safaris are a classic option in Botswana for good reason. Once you've become accustomed to the eye-watering early starts, nothing says safari quite like whipping along the African plains full pelt in an open-top 4x4.

On land-based safari drives, movie-style sights of packs of jittering hyenas and prides of watchful lions can be found around almost every twist and turn (thanks to the skills of expert safari guides and trackers).

Also, with the recent reintroduction of the rhino into Botswana, the elusive Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo and rhino) are best reached by the vast ground covered on four wheels. ​

Vumbura Plains

​For the height of jeep safaris, head to Vumbura Plains, where safari guides are seasoned in animal tracking, movement patterns and local hideouts.

Part of Wilderness Safari's award-winning collection, this luxury barefoot camp wraps around a roaring campfire that majestically opens out to the watery floodplains of the Okavango Delta.

With morning and night game drives offered daily, you'll discover all the highlights of Botswana's roaming wildlife, from elephants to impalas, and giraffes to big cats.​

Botswana by Land | Walking Safaris & Mobile Camping

​In a new era of sustainability and eco-tourism, it's hardly suspiring that mobile camping and walking safaris have become all the rage here.

Offering a glimpse into the future of eco-experiences, walking tours invite a fresh perspective on land-based safaris, with animal tracking and behaviour as their central focus which allows tranquil game viewing within touching distance.

Sights and sounds previously overshadowed by the incongruous noise of a roaring engine are uniquely heard, with just the sound of your feet treading through the grassland to serve as a distraction. ​

Chobe National Park

​Specialist walking programmes can be found throughout Botswana, from the sought-after setting of Chobe National Park – home to Africa's largest population of roaming elephants – to the more remote corners of the country's borders.

For an unforgettable experience, walk with the San Bushmen tribe (Africa's forefather collective) in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve to learn about their ancient nomadic traditions.

Whether it's a gentle morning ramble or a serious three-day hike, you won't regret leaping off that safari jeep. 

Botswana by Water | Mokoro

​No experience is more connected to Botswana's shimmering delta landscape than the mokoro. A traditional one- or two-person dugout canoe propelled along the reed-lined shores of the Okavango Delta by a standing boatman and wooden pole, river safaris don't get better (or more serene).

Originally hand-carved from native trees (now fibre-glass for sustainability), the mokoro was an essential mode of transport for travelling river Bushmen and the BaYei people.

Today, however, mokoro experiences have become one of the most popular (and cost-efficient) ways to traverse the flowing waters of the Okavango Delta. 

Moremi Game Reserve

​Covering a third of the delta's pristine landscape including legendary Chief's Island – a celebrated refuge for rare native wildlife – Moremi Game Reserve offers the ideal location for a mokoro excursion.

Here you'll find yourself pervading a myriad of delta waterways with local experts guiding you through the densely populated surrounding wildlife. Elephants, antelopes, hippos and crocodiles are common residents found basking along the shores here.

Silently drift by grazing herds looking to revive themselves in the delta's cooling waters, sit back and admire the abundant local plant and bird life, or, simply soak up the changing hues of the technicolour African skyline as you saunter down the shores. 

Botswana by Water | River Boat

​​​For a faster-paced boating experience, river boats are becoming another popular safari option in Botswana. A unique way to see animals in their natural habitats, without disturbing migratory movements, boat safaris are a fantastic way to absorb the bushland from an alternate viewpoint. Whilst most flock to the supreme waters of the delta for water-based safaris, we recommend venturing along the equally picturesque Chobe River plain. ​


    The far northernmost corner of Botswana, four different countries intersect along this waterway (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia), creating an unparalleled area of concentrated wildlife.​


    Whilst the thunderous cascade of Victoria Falls in neighbouring Zimbabwe undoubtedly beckons, a boat safari through Chobe National Park is also an absolute must. Allowing prime viewing of the region's majestic Kalahari elephants (the park is home to over 50,000), your boat safari will seamlessly glide past other Big Five collectives, including lions, leopards, Cape Buffalo and cheetahs. 


    ​After completing your water-based excursions, rest your head at opulent Chobe Game Lodge. A plush oasis surrounded by wild bushland and roaming creatures, this iconic lodge once hosted the wedding of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and offers a glamorous base for intrepid river explorations. 

Botswana by Air | Balloon Safaris

​For a bird's-eye view of the Okavango Delta, float along at treetop level to explore Botswana's scenic landscape of acacia woodland and glistening floodplains by balloon.

Offered routinely from April to September (autumn to early spring in Botswana) by companies including AirVentures and African Travel Gateway, balloon safaris are an excellent way to absorb the country's rich eco-systems from a different vantage point.

Comprehend the magnitude of the delta's sprawling wetlands, or simply admire the multitude of grazing wildlife from warthogs to buffalos, and giraffes to zebras, wading through muddy wetlands or pausing to refuel at abundant watering holes. 

Botswana by Sky | Fly-In Safaris

​Fly-in safaris have become a new trend, thanks to increased light aircraft travel in Botswana. With an infrastructure of rugged terrain and limited winding road connections, air travel has allowed travellers to visit some of the most remote and picturesque corners of the country.

A clever way to combine necessary air travel connections between camps (usually involving a flight of anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes) with a unique safari experience, fly-in safaris mean travellers get to revel in the natural beauty of Botswana from above. 


​For one of the best local experiences, head to the bountiful Linyanti region. Tucked away in an extensive corner of Chobe National Park, the Linyanti is renowned for its rich biodiversity of sprawling grasslands, muddy lagoons and staggering forest, providing shade and sustenance to large grazing herds.

To jump off the grid and totally unplug, venture to the luxury solar-panelled King's Pool Camp, found in the heart of Linyanti's lush surroundings. A resplendent tented sanctuary overlooking a lagoon of wallowing hippos and grazing elephants crossing the Linyanti River, nine thatched-roof rooms complete with lofty verandas offer never-ending vistas of Chobe.

Days are marked here by the captivating sounds of bellowing hippos, and drawn to a close with panoramic sunsets across Namibia's Caprivi Strip. Reached solely by a fly-in experience with Wilderness Safaris, here you'll feel like you've uncovered the true heart of the African bush. ​

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  • Abu Camp Western Okavango Delta

    Just six elegant guest rooms flourishing the camp’s distinctive high, wide and airy canvas style, and stylish furnishings throughout (with en-suite bathrooms) mark Abu Camp out as something unique.

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  • Kings Pool Camp Linyanti Wildlife Reserve

    Just nine canvas and thatch ‘tents’ with spacious bathrooms, outdoor showers, large decks and plunge pools await. And with a fantastic lagoon location attracting elephants galore during the dry season, we can't think of anywhere better in the Linyanti.​​

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  • Chobe Elephant Camp Chobe National Park

    Perched on the edge of a rocky ridge overlooking the famous Chobe River, Chobe Elephant Camp was built to take advantage of the incredible views overlooking the sweeping floodplains, and everything else the Chobe River is famous for.

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  • Chobe Game Lodge Chobe National Park

    The classic luxury safari option for those wanting to visit Chobe National Park, Victoria Falls and the surrounding areas, historic Chobe Game Lodge feels more like joining a family rather than being a guest in a lodge.

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  • Jack’s Camp Makgadikgadi Pans

    Together with the central area, 10 stylish tents with en-suite bathrooms, fashioned in classic 1940s style, make up this unusual camp, which comes complete with its own unique national museum.

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  • Jao Camp Okavango Delta

    Well-placed for land or water safaris, the spacious tents here are lovely, with outdoor showers overlooking the vast floodplains, and walkways that make it feel like you're walking in the trees.

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  • Mombo Camp Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta

    Mombo has abundant wildlife – and arguably some of the best big game-viewing in Africa. It's a beautifully designed camp too, with just nine exquisite 'rooms' raised high for magnificent vistas.

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  • San Camp Makgadikgadi Pans

    Different isn’t the word. No electricity: paraffin lamps only. Six classic, pale-khaki safari tents from the 1940s. Bucket showers, flush loos and four-poster beds. This is true minimalism, harking back to another age.

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  • Zarafa Camp Selinda Reserve

    Created by a husband and wife team of award-winning filmmakers and keen conservationists, Zarafa is an immense, exclusive reserve in the Linyanti, known for its intimate wildlife experiences... perfect for anyone looking for their own ‘private Africa’.

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