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Truly Global

There’s no way around it, there’s a whole lot of amazing places out there, and Eden is your gateway to the world’s most exciting and desirable locations.





Book a stay of 7 nights or more at Belmond La Residencia in Mallorca and we'll send you your very own complimentary Rae Feather Monogram Basket Bag as seen in our movie.




Whether it’s the wildlife, scenery, or people you remember most, Africa is out on its own for sheer scale, variety and dramatic impact. It’s an extraordinary place that will entice you back, from the elegance and charm of Cape Town to the primal attractions of the Serengeti and the impossibly-perfect beaches lapped by the Indian Ocean.



With its gleaming towers rising out of the desert, constantly sun-drenched beaches, world-beating designer shopping and fabulous hotels, the UAE serves up the very last word in urbane glamour, while Oman is a stylish and sophisticated choice for those looking to enjoy the very best Arabia has to offer.



Explore, cherish and fall in love with Australia, the world’s largest island; the epic countryside and adrenaline-junkie Eden of New Zealand, or the spectacularly laid-back islands of French Polynesia – which bring to life just how dreamy reality can get.



From the sun-kissed Mediterranean to sophisticated cities, Europe’s diversity is without equal. Its converted castles, restored monasteries, refurbished palaces and rolling landscapes are all testimony to its fascinating history, whilst the gourmet cuisine, vintage wines and glamorous nightlife reflect the continent’s irrepressible joie de vivre.

​The Americas


Straddling the two Poles and encompassing myriad landscapes and cultures, The Americas offer an almost tireless treasure trove of experiences for travellers, from the remains of ancient civilizations in South America to the gleaming cities of Canada and the US, peppered amongst ever-changing landscapes which define majesty.



How can you begin to sum up Asia? Mysterious, majestic, surprising, spiritual, energetic, enticing… it’s all those and more. A trip here is a true voyage of discovery, not least because its cultures and history have been hidden to Western eyes for too long, and with so much to explore, you’ll be back time and again.



Hunker down by translucent shores and shady palms to breathe in jasmine and hibiscus and watch the hovering of miracle-winged hummingbirds. Why not explore the stunning tiny islands of the Caribbean?

Indian Ocean


Choose from idyllic islands adrift in the Indian Ocean, seducing you with overwater villas, underwater reefs, iridescent white sands, swaying sugar cane and cerulean oceans; or the magnificence of the Indian Subcontinent’s temples, Buddhist Kingdoms and beaches throughout Sri Lanka – all serving up a feast for senses as well as the soul.

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