Eden Luxury Travel is just that: a selection of the very finest hotels, villas and resorts the world has to offer. That's what we mean when we refer to 'luxury without compromise'.

And it's so much more too. Extreme adventures, unique experiences, unforgettable locations – they all form part of our refined portfolio, to make sure you have the foremost choice of destinations in which to spend your time.

You'll even find that some properties – members of our Private Reserve collection – offer additional privileges only available to Eden guests, making your stay even more special.


'Service without equal' is an easy thing to promise. But for once, you'll find it's a promise fulfilled.

We'll go to extraordinary lengths to get to know you and your personal preferences really well – not only the sort of holidays you like, but details such as the papers you read, the pillows you prefer, your favourite food – and make sure that everything is just as you want it.

And the cost of such personal service, tailored service? No more than if you booked your holiday yourself.


In recognition of your status as an Eden client, some of our best destinations now offer various added privileges and benefits not available to regular guests.

These hotels are our 'Private Reserve' properties, and can be distinguished by the relevant logo on our website. 


The best of the best. It may sound like a boast, but our team really is an extraordinary group of people, who absolutely love what they do.

They'll get to know you almost as a friend, and make recommendations according to your likes and dislikes. They'll even go as far as telling you if a place really isn't for you. And they'll know, as they've visited every property in our portfolio.


Eden showcases the definitive collection of the world's best hotels, resorts and boutique hotels in 108 destinations across the globe.

Focusing on pure luxury, the Eden combines arresting images and in-depth reviews to provide a glimpse of each hotel's very individual personality.

Call us to reserve a copy of the 2016 Eden book and we will commit to ensuring that your experience is unforgettable... in all the right ways.


'We have worked with Eden since their inception, and with our personal travel advisor Louise exclusively for over 10 years. 

You only stay with one company if they deliver on their promises consistently, understand your individual needs down to the smallest detail (which is absolutely critical when children join the travel party) and exhibit a flexibility that suits the client not the company. Eden does all this and more. 

It would honestly be unthinkable to use an alternative however, Eden knows that at this level it is a zero tolerant environment and one or two fails from grace would make us reconsider our options. Eden understands this and this is exactly what drives them to consistently deliver in what is a very unforgiving community'

Mr & Mrs Lloyd


'I've used Eden since their very first day simply because they are unrivalled in every way. They understand exactly what I look for in a holiday so always recommend fantastic places to stay and never disappoint me. Added to this, their level of service is unbelievable – ​in normal circumstances they regularly manage to find airline seats and hotel rooms that appear unavailable to mere mortals, and they always ensure my room is stocked up with our weird and wonderful requests before we arrive.

When the going gets tougher, whether it's ash clouds or last minute strikes (baggage handlers seem to give you the least notice!) Eden come into their own – I've been on the phone with them at 2am their time several times in these circumstances and they've always managed to get me home without further delay. It's 24/7 service, and it makes all our holidays more relaxed, and much more special'

Mr Johns







'The difference in travelling with Eden is all in the detail. I've used lots of tour operators and only Eden really understands what I want down to the very smallest of details, and makes sure it's all delivered. It goes without saying that they offer good value for money but more than anything they've just really nice people to deal with'.

Mr & Mrs Woodall

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