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It may be small, but that doesn’t stop Sri Lanka from boasting an impressive collection of colourful temples, ancient cities, national parks and stunning landscapes.

"Like a boxer punching above his weight, Sri Lanka packs an awful lot in, from tea plantations to exceptional wildlife and colourful culture to fabulous beaches."

Unexpected delights can be found all over Sri Lanka: from its World Heritage Sites, 15 National Parks and exciting leopard safaris to being just one of a handful of places where you can see the world’s biggest land and sea mammals – the elephant and the Blue Whale – all in one day.

The island’s lush scenery is equally varied, with dense rainforest, rolling misty highlands, peaceful waterways, spectacular waterfalls and beautiful heavily-fragranced botanical gardens; not forgetting the 807 miles of pristine tropical beaches and the 500,000 acres given over to verdant tea plantations. But this is all just a small part of Sri Lanka’s heritage. Add to this the people that unfailingly welcome visitors with pride, and you’ve got one pint-sized powerhouse of a destination.

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Sri Lanka


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